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The Team

Chris Coyier

Founder, writer, designer, spam-deleter, email personality

Andy Adams

Technical Writer, WordPress Aficionado, Patron of Performance

Sarah Drasner

DOM Blacksmith, UX Smelter, Code Forger.

Geoff Graham

Read, write, coffee, web, repeat.

Robin Rendle

Writer, designer, type nerd.


Dee Gill

Alderman of Accounting, Envoy of Email, Viceroy of Doing Things

Sara Cope

Orator of Organization and Operation, Master of Invoicing, Sultan of Swag, Esteem of Editing

Rob MacKay

Forum Specialist, Master of Moderation, Justice of the Peace. Freelance Developer working for Copterlabs

Marie Mosley

Writer, Almanac Adjuster, Chief of the Comma Police

Lara Schenck

Teacher and cocktail enthusiast in New York City. Front-end is the best-end.

Rob Wierzbowski

Tool builder, tea drinker, friend of front-end. From Pittsburgh, PA.

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